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"inaugurated the event by introducing Mr. Michael Gord, Founder & CEO - MLG Blockchain Consulting, who kicked off the day’s proceedings with his keynote address on Tech Disruption."

"and MLG Blockchain also supporting the event"


"blockchain consulting and development firm MLG Blockchain"

Crupto Novosti

"This event will be called RegHackTO. His organization is engaged in the OSC, as well as the organization of MLG Blockchain Consulting."


"Introduction to developer resources at RegHackTO by MLG Blockchain."

Startup Weekend

"Coaches and mentors includes Michael Gord, founder of MLG Blockchain Consulting."

Dobson Center

"Anyone from Montreal that wants to get involved in the blockchain are encouraged to get in touch with Michael Gord, the founder of MLG Blockchain Consulting."


"MLG Blockchain, an enterprise blockchain development and consulting firm, is the title sponsor for the event."

Bitcoin Magazine

"The Toronto hackathon is called RegHackTO and is being organized by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), with support from MLG Blockchain Consulting"